The Stages Dash L10 allows basic course breadcrumb files to be uploaded to the Dash via Stages Sync. Courses can be created in Stages Link or imported from compatible file formats (such as .gpx,  or .fit). 

Note: This feature is available on the Dash L10, but not on the original Dash SDL1 devices. 

To load a course onto your L10:

  1. From the Stages Link calendar, click on the Courses tab of the sidebar.
  2. Select Create Course from the bottom of the side bar. 
  3. Import your course file or choose Design new course.
  4. Once you have imported your course or created a new course, drag the course onto your training calendar.
  5. Sync the device using the Stages Sync software to load the course onto the device. 

Once the course is created, it can be found under Main Menu > Courses & Workouts > Select Course from Calendar

For more robust navigation, course, and mapping, consider the Stages Dash L50 or M50, which feature a color display and base map.