The Stages Dash M200 and L200 models have the feature of connecting to a Wi-Fi network to perform firmware updates, downloading map regions, and uploading completed rides. 

Connect your Dash to a Wi-Fi network

Power on your Stages Dash and open up the Stages Cycling app. Go to the Devices page and select your Stages Dash. Select the General tab. Select Wi-Fi from the list.General tab on the Stages Cycling app device manager page with Wi-Fi outlined

A list of available networks will populate. Find your network and type in the password to connect.


You can also connect to Wi-Fi using just your Stages Dash. Power on your Stages Dash and go to Connections > Wi-Fi > Add network. The Stages Dash will begin to search for available networks. Select your Wi-Fi network and using the keypad, type in your network's password. Select the double checkmark icon to save your password. Your Dash will begin to connect to the network. The Dash will confirm the connection and will show a checkmark next to the connected network on the Wi-Fi page. 

Update Firmware

Once connected to Wi-Fi, the Stages Dash can perform firmware updates wirelessly. On your Stages Dash, go to Connections > Wi-Fi > Sync now to check for firmware updatesThe Dash can check for firmware updates automatically on startup, prompting you to update via Wi-Fi whenever a firmware update is available. To check for updates on startup, go to Connections > Wi-Fi > Check for updates > Enable. 

Download map regions

Download map regions when connected to Wi-Fi on the Stages Dash by going to Files > Maps > Select the desired region > Download. The Dash will prompt you to stay within range of your connected Wi-Fi network and will begin downloading the map region. 


Auto-upload completed rides

With the optional auto-upload feature enabled, the Stages Dash will automatically upload new ride data to the Stages Cycling app and 3rd party connections when it is connected to Wi-Fi. This allows you to upload your ride data without having to connect your Stages Dash to the Stages Cycling app on your phone. After saving your ride, the Dash will begin to search for one of your saved Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi will be kept off until the end of your ride. Once the Wi-Fi network is found, the Dash will begin to automatically upload the ride data to your enabled connections in the Stages Cycling app. To enable auto-uploading via Wi-Fi, go to Connections > Wi-Fi > Auto upload new rides > Enable. 

To learn more about 3rd party connections and uploading, see: Connecting 3rd party apps to Stages Cycling app