The Dash M50, L50, M200, and L200 computers are compatible with ANT+ smart lights. When paired, you are able to turn lights on/off, change light settings, and view battery levels from the light page on the Dash. This includes the lights based within the Garmin Varia Radar product line. 

Note: The Varia smart light is a separate sensor from the radar, so it must be paired separately (once as a light and once as a radar).



To pair your Dash to your smart light, go to Connections > Manage Sensors > Add Sensors > Search via ANT and select the light from the list of available sensors.

Add sensors menu with a list of sensors displayed

The smart light icon appears on the status bar when it is paired and turns green when actively connected. 

Front light
Rear Light

Varia pairing

To pair a Varia light, you must first put it in pairing mode. Hold down the power button on the light device for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode. The status LED will flash purple and the light will turn on. The device will remain in pairing mode for 5 minutes or until you press the device key. Once complete, continue with adding the sensor.

  • If the status LEDs on the lights are flashing purple, then the lights are available to be paired to and the Dash can control the lights.
  • If the status LEDs on the lights are flashing blue, this means the device is currently in smart mode and can be controlled by your Dash.
  • If the status LED is off, you need to turn on the light via the device key for the Dash to be able to pair via ANT+.

Set light location

When pairing to a smart light, assign a location to the light, either as a front or a rear light. Go to Connections > Manage Sensors > Select Sensor > Light Location and update the location. 

Light Location highlighted in the Smart Light sensor menu

Auto on/off setting

The Dash can automatically turn smart lights on and off.  Enable auto on/off to have the Dash automatically turn on your lights when a ride starts and turn off your lights when a ride ends. To enable or disable this feature, go to Connections > Manage Sensors > Select your light > Auto on/off.

Auto on/off overlay with On selected

Smart light data field

You can add an interactive field for smart lights to any data page. The light control page allows you to adjust the brightness, blink mode, and other settings on your light from your Dash. 

The smart light control page can be added in several ways:

  • Use an Automatic profile, which will add light control any time a smart light is connected. 
    • Turn on the Bike Light automatic page under Settings > Dash settings > Automatic pages > Bike light
  • Enable the Smart feature on your selected profile, which will add light control to the end of your custom pages any time a smart light is connected. 
  • Add a custom page to any non-Automatic profile for light control under Settings > Edit data pages > Add custom page.

Smart light control

Press the select key from the smart light control page to access the light control menu. Press select to toggle the selection and use the arrow keys to adjust settings. View the Smart Lights page of the Stages Dash manual for additional information.