With firmware version 2.5.1, the Dash M50 and L50 computers now has the functionality to control the ANT+ enabled bike lights. When paired, you are able to turn lights on/off, change light settings, and view battery levels from the 'Light Tile' on the Dash. This includes the lights based within the Garmin Varia Radar product line.

Varia Lights and Radar are technically separate sensors, so you must pair to both the radar and the light separately. If using the smart profiles in a ride, the light control page will be added in-ride automatically.


Varia Specific:

If the status LED on the radar is flashing blue, then the Radar and Light is available to be paired to and the Dash can control the light.  

If the status LED is off, you need to turn on the Radar (via the RTL510 button) for the Dash to be able to pair via ANT+.

To pair to a smart light, search for available ANT devices by navigating to Main Menu > Manage sensors > Search via ANT and select the light from the list of options.

When pairing to a smart light, assign a location to the light, either as a Front or a Rear light. To change these settings, go to Main Menu > Manage Sensors > Select Sensor > Light Location.

Front and Rear Lights have their own Icon that will display on the Dash after they are connected.

Front Light Icon:

Rear Light Icon:

Auto Light On/Off Setting

Dash now gives the option to Enable Auto Light On/Off. Depending on the Auto On/Off setting for each smart light, when a ride starts, the Dash will make sure the light is on, and when a ride ends, the Dash should make sure the light is off. This can be found through Main Menu > Manage Sensors > Select your light > Auto on/off.

NOTE: The Dash can automatically power on and off the light with ride start and end (if that feature is enabled), but it will not power on and off the radar automatically in the same way. 

Smart Light Data Field

You can now add an interactive field for Smart Lights to any data page in any size which allows you to control your lights during a ride by pressing the select button. If you have a Smart Profile activated, while also having a Smart Light paired to the Dash at some point, when you start a ride the Dash will populate a Smart Light Data Field.