The Dash should be a little difficult to insert into the mount on the first try and settle in from assembly after a ride or two, then it should be relatively easy to install yet still fit snugly with minimal vibration.

  1. Install mount to proper specification (see Installing the Mount).
  2. Orient device in either portrait or landscape position and line up with mount.
  3. Make sure the lip of the mount is behind the aluminum mounting rail.
  4. Slide Dash downward until the thumb tab audibly clicks the tab into place.
  5. Check to make sure the thumb tab is properly seated in the mounting slot.

To remove the Dash:

Push backward on the thumb tab while also lifting up on the Dash. The Dash should come out easily. If you are forcing it, push further back on the thumb tab to release the Dash before lifting upward.

Don't be afraid to push down the first time, and make sure to first install the mount on your bike, that makes using the mount much easier!