Your Dash computer can receive and show notifications from your phone while it is connected to the Stages Cycling app. To receive phone notifications while riding, pair your Stages Dash L200, M200, L50, or M50 with the Stages Cycling app. The Stages Cycling app must be open/active on your device and within range of the Dash to receive and display notifications.

If you are having problems receiving notifications on your Dash, see our troubleshooting article I'm not receiving notifications on my Dash.


Turn on system notifications

In order to send phone notifications to your device, you have to enable notification access/permissions to the Stages Cycling app. 


In the Stages Cycling app, go to Devices > Select your Dash > General tab. Under Notifications, select Phone and choose from Tone, Overlay, or Both. If your app does not have notification access, a warning message will prompt you to enable notification access in your settings. 


In your iOS device's settings app, select Bluetooth, select your Stages Dash, then toggle on Share System Notifications.

Stages Dash Share system notifications button outlined in iOS

Turn on Dash notifications

Phone notifications pop up on your Dash when your Dash is connected to your device. Check the Dash's status bar for the phone icon to confirm your connection. 

Phone notifications can be shown as an overlay, tone, or both. Go to Connections > Phone > Notifications to select your preference.

To snooze phone notifications when riding, press the select button to view the ride menu, then scroll to the bottom of the menu options and select Snooze Phone. 

Snooze phone alerts outlined on Stages Dash menu

Turn off Dash phone notifications

Phone notifications can be disabled in the app or on your Dash itself. 

In the app:

Go to Devices > Select your Dash > General > Notifications > Phone and select Off.

On the Dash:

Go to Connections > Phone > Notifications and select Off.