The Stages Dash M200/L200 and M50/L50 support workouts in the .FIT format. Additional formats may be supported in the future via firmware updates. Workouts can be added to your Dash in two different ways:

Add a workout via Stages Cycling app

Connect to your third-party training accounts such as Stages Link, TrainingPeaks, etc. in the Stages Cycling app under Profile > Connections. Once you have paired to a supported connection, use the app to send workouts. 

See: Connecting 3rd party apps to Stages Cycling app to learn more about pairing your favorite connections. 

To add a workout via the Stages Cycling app:

  1. Make sure your Stages Dash is connected to the Stages Cycling app.
  2. Tap on the Workouts tab on the Dash Device manager page.
  3. Select the workout to see a brief overview of it.
  4. Select the Send to Dash button. 
  5. If the workout is already on your Dash the Send to Dash button will turn to Ride on Dash.
  6. Select Ride on Dash to queue it up for your ride. Select the workout on your Dash and then select Add workout to my ride and the workout will begin when you start your ride.

Add a workout via USB

To add a workout via USB:

  1. Use the included USB 2.0 cord to attach the Dash to a USB 2.0 port.
  2. Open the Dash as a USB mass storage device.
  3. Drag a .FIT format workout file into the add_files directory of the Dash.
  4. Once completed, safely eject the Dash from your device.

Once you have these workouts added to your Dash, you will find them under Files > Workouts> Select a workout