The map regions on your Dash L50 or M50 can be managed on the Stages Link's Dash Manager tab. To make this change, you'll first need to have your Dash paired with your account via Stages Link mobile app or Stages Sync.

Note: Due to the file size, map regions are not able to be added via the mobile app and must be synced via USB. 

To update your map regions:

  1. Go to the Stages Dash tab on your Link account. 
  2. Click on the Maps and Courses section to expand the settings. 
  3. Beneath the map and courses settings, you will see a list of regions. Expand the desired regions and add/remove regions by toggling the check box.
  4. The disk space calculation will update, as well as notices to remind you to plug in your Dash to sync new maps.
  5. Once you have completed your selection, plug in your Dash via USB and launch the Stages Sync desktop agent.
    - If Stages Sync is already running, right click on Maps and select Synchronize.