The map regions on your Dash L50 or M50 are managed in the Stages Cycling app. To make this change, you'll first need to have your Dash paired with your account via the Stages Cycling app. Due to the file size, map regions are not able to be added solely via the app and must be synced via USB. 

NOTE: Following Dash FW 2.5.1, Stages Sync is no longer functional for the upload of ride data or device changes. Use the Stages Cycling app to pair your Dash, make changes, and save ride data.

To update your map regions in the Stages Cycling app:

  1. Go to the Stages Cycling app. If not already connected to the Dash, do so now. 
  2. Open the Devices menu > Dash_XXXX.
  3. Click on the Dash, then select the Maps menu
    Dash maps menu.
  4. Once clicked, you will be able to individually add maps of states or countries by selecting Add Maps in the bottom right corner.
    Selecting Add Maps in the bottom right corner of the Maps menu
  5. Select the desired state or country you would like a map for and select OK to email the map.
    Map download options popup displayed
  6. Go to the email associated with your Stages Cycling account and open the email, then click the download link (which expires within 24 hrs). 
  7. Plug your Dash into your computer with the provided USB 2.0 cable.
  8. Copy the file to your Dash.
  9. Unplug the Dash once the file transfer is complete.

To delete any map files, press and hold the state or country until the Delete prompt appears.

Delete map prompt appears under selected state or country

Select OK to successfully delete the desired map from the Dash.

Delete map on device prompt appears