Sensors can be removed from the dash completely or removed from an activity profile by accessing the sensor menu within the Stages Dash.

To remove or delete a sensor:

  1. Go to: Main Menu > Activity Sensors or to view another profile's sensors, select a new profile under Activity Settings
  2. Select a sensor from Activity Sensors > Choose Remove sensor or Delete sensor
    • Remove Sensor: This option will remove this sensor from the activity profile, but it will remain on other activity profiles and within the Saved Sensors list
    • Delete Sensor: This option will completely remove the sensor from all activity profiles and the Saved Sensors list
  3. Confirm your selection to complete the removal or deletion, then use the Lap/Back button to return to the main menu. 

You can also manage which sensors are paired to which profile within your Stages Link account by using the Sensors section of the Dash tab