Stages Link can provide workouts (using training plans or by building your own custom workouts) and sync them to the Dash via USB (Stages Sync) or Bluetooth (Stages Link app). 

All workout data is saved directly to the ride file when riding the workout (when saving in .rde format).

To select a workout to ride:

  1. Go to: Main Menu > Select Workout
  2. Choose from:
    - Workouts: Lists all workouts unassociated with a training calendar like a 20min FTP Test.
    - Training Calendar: Lists all workouts coming up from your Stages Link training calendar by date.
  3. Select a workout from either of these lists to view an on screen message with a description of the workout.
  4. Select Ride to begin a ride with the selected workout file.

Using Workout Target Fields

To set up a target field, select metrics from the Workout category of the Data Fields menu (see: Edit ride pages). 

Next Laps

The upcoming lap data field will display a preview of the current and next steps of a workout (depending on the size of the data field). This will include the lap, time, power, heart rate, cadence, and RPE prescribed for the lap.

Lap Text

Workout files can also have a short text associated with them, which can be used for additional advice, reminders, or the whole workout can be based on this text. Using the upcoming text field shows the descriptions associated with a workout on screen for current and upcoming laps.

Navigating Laps

Within a workout, laps can be programmed to automatically end after completing the duration or to continue until lap press. At any point during any lap, you can advance from the current lap to the next lap of the workout by pressing the lap button.