You have connected your Dash to the Stages Cycling app and enabled Phone notifications, but you aren't receiving notifications on your Dash. 


The Stages Cycling app is compatible to send notifications to any Dash M200, L200, M50, or L50. In order to display notifications on your Dash, the Stages Cycling app needs to be currently connected to your Dash, have permission to display system notifications, and you must have Phone notifications turned on. 

The app notifications will match notifications set at the system level of your device, so any apps that have notifications enabled on your device should show notifications on the Dash. 

Before Troubleshooting


If you've confirmed all our pre-troubleshooting steps, walk through the following solutions to see if your problem can be fixed.

Check that Dash is connected to the app

When your Dash is connected to the app, a green phone icon is displayed on the status bar. If you don't see this icon, go to the Stages Cycling app and tap Devices, then tap the link icon next to your Dash and wait for it to turn green. 

If your Dash isn't connecting to the app, follow the steps at Stages Cycling app not syncing with Dash M200/L200 and M50/L50.

Check notifications setting

To check your notification settings on the Dash, go to Connections > Phone > Notifications and ensure either Overlay or Both are selected.

To check your notification setting in the app, go to Devices > Select your Dash > General > Phone notifications and ensure either Overlay or Both are selected.

Check permissions


In the Stages Cycling app, go to Devices > Select your Dash > General. Under Notifications, select Phone and choose from Tone, Overlay, or Both. If your app does not have notification access, a warning message will prompt you to enable notification access in your settings. 


In your iOS device's settings app, select Bluetooth, select your Stages Dash, then toggle on Share System Notifications.

Stages Dash Share system notifications button outlined in iOS

Remove Dash from the app and re-pair

If none of the above items have resolved your issue, try removing the Dash from the app and re-pairing. 

  1. Go to the Devices section of the Stages Cycling app.
  2. Select your Dash from the list.
  3. Select three dots in the upper right-hand corner:
  4. Select Forget device. Forget Device button in the Upper right-hand corner of the Stages Cycling app
  5. Return to the Stages Cycling app and go to the Devices page and select Add Device.
  6. Select Stages Dash from the Add Device menu, then use the QR scan option.
  7. On the Dash, go to Connections > Phone > Pair with Stages Cycling app to bring up the QR code. 
  8. Scan the QR code from the app to complete the pairing process.

If your device prompts you, make sure to allow Stages Cycling app access to system notifications. 

Still not working?

If none of these steps resolved your problem, please submit a new ticket with Stages Cycling support and provide details such as Dash firmware, app version, and your mobile device operating system and version.