You have selected "End ride and save" to complete your activity, but your completed rides are not syncing in the Stages Cycling app.


Connection issues can result in a ride file not being successfully transmitted from your Dash to the Stages Cycling app. 

Before troubleshooting

If you are using a Stages Dash M200 or L200, connect your Dash to a Wi-Fi network to allow for ride syncing directly through your Wi-Fi connection (no app connection required). Wi-Fi uploading requires Dash firmware version 3.1.0 or newer


Ensure Dash is connected to the app

Check that your Dash is powered on and within range of your mobile device, then tap the link icon next to the Dash on the devices list or in the top right corner of the Dash manager page.

If the Dash does not connect within a few seconds, toggle the Bluetooth connection on your device off, then on again. Then repeat your pairing attempt. 

If you still cannot connect, follow the steps at Stages Cycling app not syncing with Dash M200/L200 and M50/L50 to remove and repair your device with the app. 

Check automatic upload setting

In the Dash manager, go to the General tab and scroll down to Rides. Check that Auto upload new rides is enabled.

Check for pending uploads

If your Dash is connected, select it from the Devices page, then select Rides. If you have just completed and saved a ride, swipe your finger down on this page to refresh the ride list from the Dash. Rides pending sync will have this icon next to them: 

Hold your finger on the pending ride and a menu will appear. Tap upload. 

Ensure your mobile device is connected to the internet

In order for your ride files to be uploaded, your mobile device must have a sufficient data connection or be connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you have no data or minimal data coverage, simply try again once you have a better connection. 

High number of ride files on your Dash

If this is your first time syncing with Stages Cycling app and you have previously manually uploaded your files, used the Stages Link app, or used Stages Sync to complete most of your uploads, your device may have a large number of files that the app is attempting to sync and it cannot complete. 

To remedy this issue: 

  1. Plug in your Dash via USB and navigate to the activities directory. 
  2. Copy the activities you have previously synced through other methods to your computer or another location for backup, such as a USB drive or Dropbox. 
  3. Delete the activity files from the device. If you copied all of your rides from 2021, for example, you can delete this entire folder from the Dash. Do not leave the empty folders that do not contain ride files- these can be removed.
  4. Remove your Dash from the Stages Cycling app and then attempt the pairing process again. 

Manual upload

If none of the above steps resolve your issue, you can upload your ride files via USB as a temporary fix. Contact Stages support with more details about your problem (such as app version, operating system, etc) for further troubleshooting steps. 

  1. Using USB cord supplied with your Dash device, plug your Dash into your computer. 
  2. Once prompted, view the contents of the Dash as a USB drive.
  3. Click on the activities folder, then select the year, then month that your ride(s) occurred.
  4. Ride files are labeled with the time and date the ride occurred (YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS, with hours reflected on 24h time). Locate the file(s) you need to upload and copy the files to your computer or upload them directly to your 3rd party service.