Connect your Stages Dash M200, L200, and M50, L50 with the Stages Cycling app to access all the many features and functions to maximize the utility of your Stages Dash. The Stages Cycling app allows you to import courses and workouts, export rides to your favorite third-party platforms, change settings and profile layouts easily, enable ride and phone notifications, and much more. 


Connect your Stages Dash

Open up the Stages Cycling app and turn on your Stages Dash unit.

  1. Go to the Devices page and select Add Device
  2. Select the Stages Dash GPS cycling computer option at the top of the screen. On your Dash go to Connections > Phone> Pair with Stages Cycling app.
  3. Scan the QR code on your Stages Dash by tapping the QR code symbol on the screen to use your camera on your device. If you are not able to pair using the camera, the option to pair using Bluetooth is available on the next screen. Select Continue.
  4. Select Connect when promoted. 

It may take a minute or two for your Dash to finish pairing and syncing all of your data. Once connected, the Stages Dash Device manager populates with your Dash profiles and settings. A green link icon in the top right corner (or next to your Dash on the Devices page) indicates that your Dash is connected. 


The Profile tab shows all the profiles on your Stages Dash. The active profile on your Dash has a green icon to the left of it. From this tab you can:

  • Add a new profile 
  • Edit an existing profile
  • Manage data recording settings
  • Edit profile settings

To edit a profile, tap the profile name. To add a new Profile, tap Add Profile

To edit or add a page to your profile, tap on the page, or tap the Plus icon to add a new page to your profile.

Editing profile pages

Tap on the profile page to edit, then tap on the field you wish to edit. Use the buttons on the toolbar to change the size and shape of the tile selected or to add a new field to the page.

Toolbar outlined in the Profile editor

Add a new tile
Make field narrower
Make field wider
Make field shorter
Make field taller

The Metric, Operation, and Span for the field are listed below. 

  • Metric: The type of data displayed in the field.
  • Operation: The operation applied to the data, such as average or total.
  • Span: The span of time applied to the data field, such as instant data, lap data, or ride data. 

Tap on each setting to update this for your data field. For a list of metrics, see the Stages Dash user manual: List of metrics by category

Tap undo in the top right-hand corner to undo any previous change. 

Undo button outlined in the Profile editor


View and upload your favorite courses to your Stages Dash unit under the courses tab. 

Search the course files by name or filter based on the upload source of the course file. The filters are On Dash, Favorites, and connected third-party applications such as Stages Link, Strava, Ride with GPS, or Komoot. See Connecting 3rd party apps to Stages Cycling app to learn how to get a course or workout from a 3rd party platform onto the Stages Cycling app.

To sync a course to your Dash: 

  1. Select your Stages Dash from the Devices page. 
  2. Tap Courses.
  3. Tap the filter icon or enter the name of your course into the search field to narrow down the list.
  4. Select your course from the list. 
  5. Tap Send To Dash to send the course to your Stages Dash.
  6. If the course is already on your Stages Dash, the Send to Dash icon will turn to Ride on Dash
  7. To select your course on the Dash, go to Files > Courses. Select the course and then select Add course to my ride.
  8. Select Start course on the homepage of your Dash to begin. 


View and upload workouts on the Workouts tab. Search the workouts based on the name or the upload source they are imported from. Planned workouts will automatically be synced to your Stages Dash when you connect to the Stages Cycling app before your ride. 

  1. Select your Stages Dash from the Devices page.
  2. Select the Workouts tab.
  3. Tap the filter icon or enter the name of your workout into the search field to narrow down the list.
  4. Select the workout to see a brief overview of it.
  5. Select the Send to Dash button. 
  6. If the workout is already on your Dash the Send to Dash button will turn to Ride on Dash.
  7. To select your course on the Dash, go to Files > Workouts. Select the workout and then select Add workout to my ride and the workout will begin when you start your ride.
  8. Select Start workout on the homepage of your Dash to begin.


The Rides tab contains a list of activities completed on your Stages Dash.

Tap any ride to view the details and metrics. Use the Summary, Zones, Peaks, and Graph tabs to further analyze your ride. 


View the map regions on your Stages Dash on the Maps tab. 

To add a new map to your Dash: 

  1. Select your Stages Dash from the Devices page.
  2. Select the Maps tab. 
  3. select the Add Maps button on the bottom right.
  4. Search for the map based on the region or select the search icon and type in the name of the country or region you are looking for. 
  5. Once you have found the map that you wish to add, select it. 
  6. For Dash L50 and M50, you will receive an email with a link to download the map file and place it on your Dash via USB. 
  7. For Dash L200 and M200, select Email or Wi-Fi. If you select Wi-Fi and you do not have an existing wireless network saved, you can add it now. 


On the General tab, you can view device information and update all your Dash settings. 

Dash settings include:

  • Wi-Fi networks (L200 and M200 only)
  • Sleep
  • Units
  • Time format

Automatic pages

Toggle on and off Automatic pages, which add a page to your current profile when certain sensors are connected or when other features are utilized, such as workouts or courses.

Automatic pages are available for:

  • Lap history
  • Workout steps
  • Bike light
  • E-bike
  • Navigation cues
  • Time in zones


Enable or disable automatic upload of new rides and delete files after upload (saves space on your device - not recommended in most cases so that you retain a backup copy of your file). 


Updating notification settings for your Dash. Tap any option to adjust your setting, then select OK.


Update map settings, including:

  • Orientation
  • Elevation profile
  • Breadcrumb trail
  • Navigation cues
  • Off course notifications
  • Points of interest
  • Map update rate


Update workout settings, including:

  • Compliance borders
  • Auto lap
  • Step notifications