Below are several factors to review when troubleshooting Stages Pulse Heart Rate Monitor issues. For additional information, view the Stages Pulse user guide


Pairing: To pair the sensor, the monitor needs to be on the chest and within 30 feet of the device that you want to pair to. It is sometimes necessary to wet the strap's electrodes with a damp towel, saliva, or a water-soluble conductivity cream. 

Fit: The strap should be worn high enough across the chest that it passes the heart, with the Stages logo and LEDs facing away from the body. Adjust the strap so that it is snug without constricting breath or movement.

Connections/Dropouts: While the Stages Pulse can broadcast via ANT+™ and Bluetooth®, it can only pair to one Bluetooth device at a time. If experiencing connection issues or dropouts, ensure that the sensor is not connected to other devices in the environment.  

Battery rain: If the CR2032 battery is draining more rapidly than expected, please disconnect the sensor from the strap following your rides. 

LED functions: The LED indicators on the sensor have three functions: heart rate detection, pairing, and battery level. See table below for details:

LED Position
HeartbeatGreenLeftFlashes when heartbeat detected continuously for 30 seconds.
PairingBlueRightFlashes when in pairing mode.
Low Battery (0-5%)RedRightFlashes at the start of each minute, then repeats each minute while the unit is active (until the battery dies or is replaced).