The Dash M50, L50, M200, and L200 computers have the functionality to control the ANT+-enabled bike radar sensors. When paired, the radar will notify you of the distance and speed of the cars approaching from behind you while on a ride.

The radar is a separate sensor from the smart light, so it must be paired separately (once as a light and once as a radar).

General pairing

To pair to the radar, go to Connections > Manage Sensors > Add Sensors > Search via ANT and select the radar from the list of available sensors.

Add sensors menu displayed with Search via ANT highlighted

Bike radar highlighted in the Add sensors list

The radar icon appears on the status bar when it is paired and turns green when actively connected. 

Radar icon displayed in the status bar

Varia pairing

To enable radar control, hold down the power button on the radar device for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode. The status LED will flash purple and the light will turn on. The device will remain in pairing mode for 5 minutes or until you press the device key. Once complete, continue with adding the sensor.

  • If the status LED on the radar is flashing purple, then the radar is available to be paired to and the Dash can control the radar.
  • If the status LED on the radar is flashing blue, this means the device is currently in smart mode and can be controlled by your Dash.
  • If the status LED is off, you need to turn on the radar via the device key for the Dash to be able to pair via ANT+.


Radar display

When pairing to the radar, you will need to assign a display setting location. This setting will be used to display car distance on either the left or right side of your Dash screen while on a ride. To change these settings, go to Connections > Manage sensors > Select sensor > Display setting.

Display setting location highlighted under the Radar menu

For the Radar Integration feature, the radar will be notified of approaching cars while on your ride.

  • Green: No cars
  • Yellow: Cars present, but not yet close
  • Red: Cars are close.

Dash ride screen with Yellow radar indicator

Red radar indicator shown on the Dash ride screen

Approaching cars are colored to display threat levels when approaching the rider.

  • Blue: Relative speed to the rider is low.
    Blue car
  • Orange: Relative speed to the rider is high.
    Orange car