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How do I update the firmware on the Dash?

Stages Dash M50/L50 – Device Firmware Release Notes

Date: 9/18/19

Current Firmware Release #: v1.1.2

Replaces Release #: v1.1.1

Bug Fixes:

  • At low elevation, the Dash can at times stop logging altitude data for the rest of the ride
  • FIT file can become corrupted


Date: 8/27/19

Current Firmware Release #: v1.1.1

Replaces Release #: v1.0.1


  • Added ride history functionality
  • Added lap history preset page and lap summary overlay
  • Added adaptive zones feature to auto-adjust FTP and FThr based on recent ride data
  • Added new power management settings to optimize battery usage
  • Overall battery life improvements
  • Increased text size for units to improve readability
  • Map improvements: Updated color for breadcrumb trail, course overlap indicator, progress indicator for pan/zoom tools and map tile loading
  • Added navigation cues data field
  • Added next step and previous step workout data fields
  • Added last lap span for data fields
  • Added workout compliance to ride files to allow users to view compliance information in Stages Link
  • Outer interval support for Stages Link workouts containing both outer and inner intervals
  • Workout graph auto zoom feature: Workout graph will zoom to a 5-minute scale within 30s of an interval ending
  • Faster ride sync over Bluetooth
  • Workouts can be added during a ride
  • FIT file improvements (ride summary and device/sensor information)
  • Various other minor improvements 

Bug Fixes:

  • Speed/cadence sensor bug: Fixes issues with over reported distance when using a speed sensor. 
  • Fixed heart rate zone issues
  • Fixed heart rate zone color wheel issues
  • Fixed power meter auto zero and crank length settings
  • Fixed various issues with RideWithGPS course files
  • Fixed workout cadence targets
  • Fixed rapid fluctuations in gradient and elevation
  • Time of day not updating while paused
  • Fixed map flipping issue
  • Various other minor bug fixes


Date: 6/10/19

Current Firmware Release #: v1.0.1

Replaces Release #: n/a

  • Initial Release.