Installing the Mount

Thumb Tab

Main Arm

2.5mm Hex Key (not provided)

M2.5 Cap Head Screws (x2)

Handlebar Clamp Ring
  1. Position handlebar clamp ring  to the right of the stem and between any cables and the 31.8mm handlebar
  2. Insert the two M2.5 screws  into the holes of the clamp ring  and use a 2.5mm hex key  to loosely tighten ring on handlebars
  3. Adjust mount to preferred angle
  4. Tighten screws  to 2 Nm.

Installing/Removing Dash

  1. Install mount to proper specification.
  2. Orient device in either portrait or landscape position and line up with mount.

  3. Make sure lip of the mount is behind the aluminum mounting rail.
  4. Slide Dash downward until the thumb tab audibly clicks tab into place.
  5. Check to make sure the thumb tab is properly seated in the mounting slot.
  6.  To remove, pull back on thumb tab and pull up on dash. The Dash should come out easily, if you are forcing it, pull further back towards the bike with the thumb tab.