Stages Dash – Device Firmware Release Notes

Date: 7/25/17 (m/d/y)
Current Firmware Release #: v1.0.3
Replaces Release #: v1.0.2

Known Bug Fixes:

  • Distance calculation update.
  • Fix for overlay messages clearing ride summary page.
  • Stages Link fixes in data processing for files using Powertap, Power2max, and Stages Indoor power meters. 
  • Stages Link and Dash fix for bug in removing activity profiles deleted on Stages Link.


  • Sensor record improvements for serial number and ANT+ ID values, battery, and calibration values.
  • Kilojoules now listed without a decimal point.
  • Improved ascent and descent metrics icons.

******** Firmware Release History *******

Date: 5/11/17 (m/d/y)
Initial Firmware Release: v1.0.2


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